Planning Stage Instructions

In completing the planning phase of the evaluation process, the agency head will meet with the board/commission (Governor or designee) to propose the objectives and standards for success he/she will meet in the upcoming year.  The board/commission (Governor or designee) will accept, reject, modify, and discuss the agency head's proposed objectives and success criteria. Success criteria is a statement of conditions that will exist when a duty or responsibility has been satisfactorily met. The success criteria must include the expected actions, timeframes, frequency, costs, quantities or other appropriate and specific measures and business results that will enable the agency head and evaluators to agree on expected outcomes and recognize when these outcomes have been satisfactorily achieved.

When acceptable objectives are identified, the board/commission (Governor or designee) will complete the planned objectives on the evaluation document and review them with the agency head. Signatures will be obtained and the original will be retained by the board/commission (Governor or designee) for completion at the end of the evaluation period. The planning process should be completed by September 15th.

Interim Conference

The agency head or the board/commission (Governor or designee) will schedule interim performance conferences as needed to discuss performance or revise/modify objectives

Evaluation Stage Instructions

The agency head will schedule a meeting with the board/commission (Governor or designee) to present his job performance in relation to the objectives and success criteria agreed upon during the planning process.  Each board/commission member will complete an agency head evaluation survey and return it to the board/commission chairperson to compile. The board/commission chairperson (Governor or designee) will complete the evaluation document based on the assessment of the agency head's performance as presented by the agency head, input from the board/commission and the survey. The final document will be approved by a majority of the board/commission (or the Governor) and signed by the chairperson (Governor or designee).

The approved document and survey results will be reviewed with the agency head. The agency head will sign the document to indicate he/she has seen the document and survey results. The completed document and the survey composite score sheet will be submitted to the Agency Head Salary Commission by August 15th.


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